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Barista Frothing Pitcher

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Color: Black

Barista Frothing Pitcher

The perfect accessory for creating stunning latte art and enhancing your coffee presentation. Crafted with precision and style in mind, this pull flower cup allows you to showcase your barista skills and elevate the visual appeal of your coffee beverages.

Made from high-quality metal, this pull flower cup is durable and built to withstand the rigors of daily use in both home and commercial settings. The pointed milk foam design allows for precise pouring and control, making it easy to create intricate and detailed designs on the surface of your coffee drinks.

Whether you're a seasoned barista or an aspiring coffee artist, this pull flower cup is sure to inspire creativity and imagination. With its sleek and modern design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any coffee setup and is sure to impress your guests or customers.

The generous capacity of this pull flower cup allows for plenty of space to experiment with different designs and techniques, while the metal construction ensures that your creations stay crisp and defined. Whether you're crafting a classic rosetta or experimenting with more intricate patterns, this cup provides the perfect canvas for your latte art masterpieces.

Elevate your coffee experience and unleash your creativity with our Pull Flower Cup with Metal Milk Pointed Milk Foam. Whether you're enjoying a quiet morning at home or serving customers in your coffee shop, this cup is sure to delight with its beauty and functionality.