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Coffe-Maker - Ceramic Drip Coffee Maker Set

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Color: Green
Size: L

Coffe-Maker - Ceramic Drip Coffee Maker Set 

Elevate your coffee experience with our exquisite Ceramic Coffee Dripper and Mug Set, meticulously crafted to enhance every sip of your favorite brew.

Designed in a classic American style, our coffee dripper and mug set exudes timeless elegance, making it a perfect addition to any home, office, or coffee shop.

Crafted from premium ceramic materials and processed through medium-temperature firing, our set ensures durability and longevity, promising years of enjoyable coffee moments. The anti-skid ring, made from food-grade silica gel, provides added stability and peace of mind while you pour your hot coffee.

Versatile and practical, this set is suitable for a variety of settings, from cozy mornings at home to bustling office spaces. It also makes a thoughtful and stylish gift for coffee aficionados and loved ones alike.

Please note that the size of the product is hand-measured, with slight variations that fall within a reasonable range and do not affect its functionality.

Indulge in the perfect cup of coffee with our Ceramic Coffee Dripper and Mug Set, where craftsmanship meets unparalleled taste

Package Content:

1 Coffee pot & Cup