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Chideno Brand Feature: Buff Bake

Chideno Brand Feature: Buff Bake

At Chideno we're always looking for great new brands in the North American market and we fell in love with Buff Bake as soon as our team picked up on the brand in 2020.

The company was started in 2014 and like many great brands it set to fill a market gap. The owners were gym and health buffs and were tired of the lack in high protein healthy snacks. 

These guys have a truly interesting and delicious looking (and tasting range) spanning from Chocolate chip & double chocolate cookie bites to a range of what they call fuel bars (their take on protein bars).

All Buff Bake products are advertising and are indeed GMO free and most are Keto friendly and low sugar as well.

A few of us here have always looked for not giving up the ol' sweet tooth completely before hitting the gym but still get the protein and Buff Bake really does fill this void. 

On the cookie bite side of things, while they fit well in a ketogenic diet these are pretty much a great choice for anyone looking for a sweet snack with what we call diminished guilt.

The range is low in net carbs, GMO Free, and has about 1-2 grams of sugar. Flavours are great too. They come in snickerdoodle, chocolate chip and double chocolate (our favourite). 

The Buff Bake protein bars are great too. We've ate most of our own first batch brought in (hitting that bottom line) but they really are delicious. On the plus side they're once again keto diet friendly, non GMO, packed with protein and low in sugar. It really doesn't get better than that.

The keto bars contain something called MCT oil which got our attention. On paper MCT oil is supposed to boos memory function and increase endurance and get this, lower cholesterol as well.

With only a single gram of sugar and low in net carbs we're reallye excited about carrying their protein bars. We suggest checking out our selection of Buff Bake products but do so now as they really do fly off the shelf. 




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