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History of Bialetti - The Italian Coffee Maker

History of Bialetti - The Italian Coffee Maker

In 1919, Alphonso Bialetti with the goal of production of alumium products started a small workshop in Crusinallo, Italy. In the matter of 14 years, Mr Bialetti invented the now infamous Moka Express Percolator. The invention of the classic moka pot began the story of a brand which reportedly is in the home of some 70% of the Italian population. 

In the same period that Alfonso was busy laying the foundation of this Italian giant, the Cooperativa La Subalpina had begun production of home appliances and products intended for salons, barbershops and perfume chemists in Omegna. In 1940, this manufacturer was bought out entirely by Mr Mario Caldi.

The ingenuity of Alphonso Bialetti with the invention of accessible and quality coffee maker was truly a gift to the world. With an Art Deco design, the Moka Express coffee maker was a revolution in itself in coffee making at home. With help from his son Renato, Bialetti became one of the largest manufacturers of coffee makers in the world.

In the 1950's Bialetti's success achieved in a few decades was a great success. Being ahead of their time, the Bialetti family invested heaviliy in advertising and used the widely watched Carosello TV show to introduce the world to an identifiable logo to pave the way for their products and brand tp become a household name.

Enter the invention of the moustached man which we all recongize instantly wherever Bialetti coffee makers and coffee accessories are sold. The "Bialetti Man", was designed by the famous Italian artist Paul Campini and was an instant success with audiences and consumers worldwide.

Decades had passed and in the 1980's when the Moka Express was being exported to various countries, in Coccaglio Francesco Ranzoni incorporated a company with the aim of producing non stick pans and kitchen appliances exclusively for aluminium products. Subalpina (managed by Carlo Caldi) at the same time began to downsize and refocus efforts on production of small appliances. 

In early 1993, Rondin (introduced above) purchased Bialetti and quickly introduces its patented technology to Bialetti plants throughout the world leveraging it's innovative production methods and Bialetti's world famous brand. In a matter of 5 years, Rondin and Bialetti merge creating the Bialetti Industry Co. becoming one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium kitchen appliances and goods. 

What is a Moka Pot Coffee Maker? 

 A Moka Pot coffee maker is a percolator invented and mass produced by Bialetti Italy. The Bialetti coffee maker comes in numerous models and cup sizes but the general method has remained largely the same since it's invention. 

Step 1:

Assuming you're now the proud owner of a 3 cup coffee maker, you must firstly take 20-22 grams of beans and grind to an espresso grind (fine grind).

Step 2:

Boil some water (you can place cold water in the water tank of the coffee maker, but this generally leads to a faster brew. Take apart the Bialetti coffee maker (Top, coffee basket, water tank). After water has boiled, pour the water up to the bottom of the gasket (touching the bottom). 

Step 3:

Take the ground coffee and fill the coffee basket fully and press down to smooth out. Place the top half of the moka pot and secure. 

Step 4: 

Turn stove on and place on medium heat. Ensure that lid is closed and handle is not directly over flame. When the water reaches boiling point again, the pressure pushes the water through the coffee and into the top. Once you see there is no more coffee being poured into the tank, you're done!

The process shouldn't take more than a few minutes. 

Cleaning & After Care

Ensure you hand wash immediatly after use and do not use dish soap as it may ruin flavour of future coffees made. We recommend washing with water only and scrubbing to remove coffee oil. If it is absolutely unbearable, wash with vinegar and thereafter with water. 

Milk Based Drinks

To make a milk based drink or a cappuccino, you can use Bialetti's Tuttocrema milk frother. The milk frother is exceptionally easy to use, clean and froth with. Simply pour milk into the frother, place on heat until it reaches desired temperature (consider using a coffee thermometer).

Place lid (includes mesh filtering system much like a french press). With a few hand motion pumping, perfect creamy froth is ready to pour over your espresso coffee made. 

If taken care of, Bialetti moka pot coffee makers will last decades and can be passed down! If you do need replacement gaskets, parts or washers they are readily available in the market. 

Chideno's happy to note that if you prefer a durable french press, Bialetti's got you covered as well. Coming in 3 cup or 8 cup capacity in Green, Blue or Black we've got every style covered to match your mood or kitchen design!



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