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Inter Counsel's small and micro business export program helps companies achieve risk free trial market entry into the Canadian and US e-commerce space. Whether you want to export a single carton to collect sales potential data or ship a container we've got a suite of services to help you succeed.

How It Works

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Program Benefits

  •  Local Reach: We expose your brand to Canadian and American marketplaces and consumers

  • Localized Logistics: We handle logistics, warehousing & Shipping

  • Reduce Costs: We invest in marketing, logistics and tax payment and collection so you can focus on your product

  • Data Science: We provide monthly market and sales insights to help your market presence

  • Process Length: See your products for sale in Canada & US within 2 weeks from application date

  • Local Access: Customers will not be responsible for international shipping, duties and taxes making your products competitive in the market

  • Easy payment: Payment Net 90 Days to start with a chance to reduce to Net 30 and Cash after first few transactions. Get access to proceeds from all marketplaces in 1 easy payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply? 

This program is for small and micro business in apparel, home and kitchen goods, food and beverages residing outside the United States and Canada who wish to sell to Canadian and US customers without additional costs. 

Why Should We Apply?

It is very simple to market your great products to international customers but there are several factors which bar your entry into the market:

  • Geolocation settings
  • High shipping costs from you to Canada and US
  • Duties and Taxes final consumer has to pay
  • High marketing costs to sell on platforms such as Amazon, Etsy and Best Buy
  • Lead / Transit times to customers
  • Difficulty returning products to you

In effect we offer the following benefits as if you were selling directly to Canadian and US customers:

  • We pay import duties on goods you ship to us
  • We package and consolidate your products
  • We warehouse your products for free
  • We dispatch all products to customers 
  • We handle returns and refunds
  • We pay local taxes on sales
  • We pay marketing costs for sales
  • We pay marketplace commissions

The only cost you have is dispatching the products to us from your plant or warehouse. 

What are the Terms of Contract?

The contract simply stipulates that you have shipped products to us and that we promise to make payment within 90 days of receipt or when the goods you sent have been all sold. The contract can be renewed every 3 months to incorporate shorter payment terms to you. The contract is there for you to have ease of mind when dispatching your products to our company.

How Do You Price MyProducts?

We price with you taking into account all costs associated with selling

What Reports Do We Receive?

We send monthly market intelligence reports about customer behavior, sales, returns, prices and more so you know how you entered the market and how your products are performing

How Long is Our Collaboration?

It is up to you. We are ready to work with you indefinitely. If you wish to sell in the market directly, you can start doing so as soon as we have sold all products at our warehouse and/or when the goods you sent are returned to you

What is the Payment Term?

As stipulated in our contract the initial payment term is Net 90 Days on prices agreed upon. We make payment via Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Wise in 90 Days from receipt of goods or when all goods have been sold (whichever comes first). Every replenishment time we will review sales results together and we will change the contract for Net 60, Net 30 and Cash basis as sales evolve and we determine optimal quantity together.

How Do I Start?

Simply fill out the form above and a member of our team will respond in 24 hours or less. We will create a unique proposal for your specific brand and product and send a draft contract for you to review. Once signed we will provide our warehouse addresses and your product listings across all marketplaces will be created within 1 day from product receipt. Usually the process take about 2 weeks from contract signing.

Why Do You Offer This Service?

Our company goal is increasing our portfolio of products and consulting small businesses for entry into the Canadian market. This method of operation allows small and micro business globally level the playing field and effectively compete in the Canadian marketplaces adding value to our product portfolio along the way.