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Coffee Lover Gift Sets on

Coffee Lover Gift Sets on

Coffee's a big hit with us all and an important part of our daily routine. Over the past couple of decades there is a host of new coffee making methods and access to premium, organic single origin coffees in all shapes and sizes from all over the world at affordable prices. 

We've seen great interest in coffee maker sets to gift to loved ones, whether they are beginners or coffee connoisseurs. We thought we'd share some of our more popular premium coffee sets which are perfect gifts for coffee lovers or as a treat for yourself including V60 coffee makers, percolators, Turkish Cezves & More.

What makes a great gift? One that includes all the bells and whistles. We think every gift box should include coffee, coffee maker, espresso cups and most importantly chocolate. You can click on images to see product details. See you there. 

The legendary coffee set

  • Bamboo Turkish coffee cup set for 6 in a stylish gift box
  • 250gr Turkish coffee in tin box
  • 250gr mountain strawberry Turkish coffee in can
  • 250gr ottoman coffee in a tin can. 
  • Zambo Beyoğlu Chocolate with Pistachio 240gr in a nostalgic box,
  • 250 gr. Lütfiye sugar-free organic rose-leaf pistachio Turkish delight.


The Sweet & Simple Set

  • 1 x Rustic Wood Gift Box
  • 250 Grams Premium Single Origin Coffee
  • Premium Chocolate
  • 3 Cup Glass French Press 
  • Beautiful Mug

The Traditional

  • Handmade Turkish coffee cup
  • Coffee pot for two in a special gift box. 
  • Turkish coffee 250gr in a tin box
  • 250gr Ottoman coffee in a tin box
  • Lütfiye, organic sugar-free Turkish delight with rose leaves
  • Pistachio 250gr. 
  • 350gr chocolate bar in Zambo vintage box. 
  • Zambo milk pebble chocolate 150gr.

The Percolator Set

  • In a special Kraft box
  • 250gr Guatemala Filter coffee
  • Blue Moka Pot
  • Espresso Cup
  • Zambo Chocolate in 350gr nostalgic box Special Gift Set

The V60 Pour Over Set

  • 1 pcs black pour-Over v60 dripper stand (coffee brewing stand)
  • 1 pcs ceramic dripper red v60 02
  • 1 pcs epinox 02 coffee jug glass 600 ml
  • 1 pcs black pearl 1x4 filter coffee paper 80 pcs,
  • 1 pcs black pearl ethiopia 250 g ground filter coffee


The Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee Set

  • A beautiful gift set for a Turkish coffee lover. This set includes:

  • Handmade Cup & Cezve in the same color (See picture)

  • Mehmet Efendi Coffee 250 Grams

  • Ceramic Handmade Turkish Coffee Cups and Saucer

We also have a large selection of flavored, Ottoman, classic Turkish coffees from the best producers in Turkey shipping in 2-3 days or less. One of the largest selections, freshly packed per order! We're excited about this new product line and hope you will be too. 


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